About Sundasport



* live & remote1-on-1 personal training
* small group Kettlebell Club classes
by reservation-only; no unscheduled drop-ins or visits please

* Sundasport Kettlebell Club
* 631 Summit Ave, rear garage
* Philadelphia, PA 19128
in Roxborough/Andorra just off Ridge Ave

The exercises are simple.
The programming is challenging.
The workouts are flexible.
The coaches are fun.
The app tracks your progress.
The results are drastic.

It will be exhausting, but you'll find you're tougher than you think. And we’re all on the same team. Your only opponent is yourself and that little voice inside your head telling you to quit.  

Whatever your fitness goals are, we're a team and we'll get through this together.

Day 1 is now. You got this.